Find the relief you seek: get rid of neck pain in Penrith with physiotherapy

Perhaps you sustained injuries in a recent car accident. Maybe you woke up one morning after sleeping in a strange position, you may have spent long hours in front of the computer that resulted in neck pain. Regardless of the cause, when your neck aches, simply turning your head can be a chore.

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At Physiotherapy West, we treat your neck pain in Penrith with non-surgical methods. Our physiotherapists understand how joints, bones, muscles and ligaments work within the body and can identify the problem's genesis.

After identifying the source of the problem, a physiotherapist will use hands-on and exercise-based methods to treat your neck pain in Penrith.

We emphasise early diagnosis and treatment. Once we identify the issue, we don't simply cover up the symptom. Our physiotherapists treat the cause of the problem to prevent reoccurring pain and escalated injuries.

About Physiotherapy West

At Physiotherapy West, we dedicate ourselves to your health and well-being. If you want personalised care with a focus on you and your individual needs, come to us with your aches and pains.

Every time you visit, you meet with the same physiotherapist. We believe the bond and familiarity developed when you meet with the same person every time ensures better, more informed care.  When you choose Physiotherapy West, you can always count on excellent care.

When you ache, you don't want to wait a week to receive the treatment you need. Give us a call and schedule a same-day appointment and get the relief you need now.

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