Sports Physiotherapy in Penrith

Sports physiotherapy is a great way to keep your body in peak condition. And, if you’re an athlete, there’s nothing more important than ensuring the health and optimal performance of your body.

To enlist the services of experienced and professional physiotherapists, get in touch with our team today on 02 4737 3477 . Whether you’re recovering from a recent injury or a long-standing issue, we’ll help get you back in the field, on the court or on the green.

Reasons to Visit a Sports Physiotherapy Clinic

Sports physiotherapy can be beneficial for athletes recovering from injuries and for those who wish to enhance their athletic performance beyond current thresholds. Physiotherapy West in Penrith provides service to both types of athletes.

For Recovery

Sports-related injuries like ankle, knee and shoulder sprains can cause acute pain when they occur, and they may become chronic if not treated in the acute phase of recovery. Old injuries may flare up each time you play your preferred sport or even during normal exercise at the gym. You may even experience injury-related pain during routine, daily activities.

Physiotherapy treatment encourages continued healing, pain relief and an earlier return to your sport. A trained physiotherapist will work with you and your body, providing hands-on treatment and teaching you exercises and stretches that you can do on your own to facilitate healing.

For Performance

Many professional and highly active amateur athletes work with physiotherapists during times of intense training. Because physiotherapists know how the body’s muscles, bones and connective tissues work together, they can share performance-focused stretching and exercise techniques. These techniques make it possible to train safely and stay healthy while constantly working towards new personal bests in any sport.

As you meet with us, we’ll personalize a treatment plan that focuses on your goals for athletic achievement. Our services also make it easier for patients to remain active, no matter what age or stage of life they are in.

Reasons to Visit Physiotherapy West

Physiotherapy West offers same-day appointments for your acute sports injuries. You’ll meet with the same physiotherapist for treatment every time you visit so you can build a positive relationship and work towards your goals.

Call us today on 02 4737 3477 to make an appointment for sports physiotherapy in Penrith. No referral is required for appointments
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